Chemistry The Fun Way

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  1. Yea I was looking up chemical explosions for a science assignment and I
    found this. Yea i guessed you were just putting on a show with the accent.
    I was so entertained I watched your video about the paddle boats that was

  2. yer i no, hilarious is my middle name, thats what im all about! lol

  3. That looks fun!!! I want to do that in chemeistry!!! It was fun listening
    to you narrate that. Are you guys in the UK?

  4. I remember that. I was in Mr. Thorne’s class though and he was hilarious.

  5. yea we are and dispite the lil accent i put on to make it funny, im not
    gay. its cool though that im going global lol

  6. i love that skool lol

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